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TRAQS 2017

I wish there was a way I could truly thank all the participants for making the inaugural TRAQS such an enjoyable event. Your generosity, enthusiasm and willingness to participate greatly contributed to our success. I am already planning next year’s event. We will return to the Lake Placid Camp and Conference center March 24-26, 2017. The fantastic James Manke will join us again as well as some exciting special Guest mentors. Some initial thoughts for TRAQS 2017: – I have reserved motel-style rooms for two people and cabins that hold three-four people – We will include extended stay option to allow for one-on-one mentoring sessions on Friday – I will remember to bring chocolate for the s’mores :-} Looking forward to seeing you!

Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

Ed has just returned from mentoring at Delmarva Paddlers Retreat along with Christopher Crowhurst, Anders Thygesen from Norway, John Pedersen, Maliqiaq, and Dubside.  He returns enthused and infused with even more passion (if that is possible) and enthusiasm to share at the Traditional Qajaqers of the South in just a few months. Registration is OPEN and is easy via Paypal and credit cards through the website, or the conventional paper method.

Renee Dufresne

We are very pleased to announce that Renee Dufresne will join us as a guest Mentor. Renee is an adviser to the board of Qajaq USA, holding positions of Membership Coordinator, and as the events committee representative for “The Traditional Paddlers Gathering” in Minnesota. Renee loves playing Inuit games, both on and off the ropes and water. Whether it is the artistry of the forward stroke, or the beauty of a well executed roll, passing on, preserving and sharing traditional paddling and culture are her passion. Not just passionate about Greenland paddling, Renee is an ACA Level 3 Instructor, with both Traditional Skills and Rolling Endorsements. She also holds a BCU3*. Renee will be replacing Christopher Crowhurst who has a scheduling conflict and cannot mentor…

James Manke

We are very excited to be joined by well known mentors James Manke and Renee Dufresne. James Manke is an internationally recognized kayak instructor and Greenland mentor. Among his many accomplishments, James won a gold medal at the 2014 Greenland Qajaqing Championship and successfully paddled the Grand Canyon rapids in a sea kayak using his Greenland paddles . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4aTR8Xcgb0

TRAQS has Arrived!

We are so pleased to announce the first annual Traditional Qajaqers of the South Festival, to be held in tropical Lake Placid, Florida on March 18-20, 2016. We welcome mentors and special guests James Manke and Christopher Crowhurst, along with other passionate mentors. We also prepared a FaceBook page so you can join and keep track of the developing excitement! Stay tuned for more to come!