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TRAQS Weekend Activities

The Saturday evening Auction! This helps make our event sustainable for the next year.  All new donated items are welcome.  You may even see a discount certificate for another QajaqUSA sanctioned Greenland event on the table!

Mia Kanstad Kulseng from Tromso, Norway will share her incredible adventures living and paddling above the Arctic Circle. Post on our Facebook page if there’s something special you want Mia to describe!

The Inuits had long cold months.  Being an incredibly social and sharing society, they invented songs, games, and dances which became integrated into their culture. We have a terrific bonfire on Saturday night to discuss everything we learned and to socialize the evening away.

While we won’t be expected to harpoon any seals or even manatees, we will learn and play with harpooning!  The games will include building qajaqs from strip wood, plastic wrap and duct tape and then having the fun of paddling and rolling them.  Awards for the winning team will be presented on Saturday night.