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Morning Yoga

Yoga poseIt is all too common for paddlers to have a sore lower back and hips. While paddling, we are seated with a posteriorly tilted pelvis for hours on end, straining our sacroiliac (SI) joints, causing tightness and pain in our hip flexors and hamstrings.

Tight hamstrings limit the mobility of the pelvis during bending-lifting activities, causing the lumbar spine to take up the slack and work overtime. In addition, tight hip flexors torque the pelvis, which can lead to all sorts of alignment, postural, and functional problems.

A regular yoga routine addresses these weaknesses through a series of poses directed toward strength and flexibility. What’s more, yoga helps keep muscles at their normal “neutral” length, at which they are their strongest and most efficient. When muscles are in their “neutral” length, they are less likely to be strained and overall risk of injury is reduced.

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