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In addition to his many kayaking adventures, James Manke was in Greenland for the 2014 National Greenland Kayaking Competition as one of the first members of Team Canada to ever compete in Greenland. James won gold in the Greenland kayak rolling competition, silver in 5 other disciplines including racing, harpoon throwing & team rolling.

While he was there he filmed the experience to make a documentary on the competition. His aim to help spread awareness of a culture once lost.. the heart and soul of a sport loved and valued by so many today… kayaking. James will present his award winning film as our premiere presentation on Saturday night.

Renee DuFresne and Sipke DeBoer will present Friday night on “Inuit Qajaq Hunting Tools and Tricks”. This will be an interactive discussion of the Arctic area,  the conditions of the hunt, and the resulting  qajaq design needs to accommodate the conditions of the water.  This leads in to a bit of the history of the hunt, and how European influence and the rifle have changed the outfitting of the qajaq.

Among the mentors and attendees is a wealth of information.  Planned and/or spontaneous presentations and interactive group activities are known to occur! Watch for a fun group exercise on Saturday night.