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On-Water Sessions


At this session, you will learn how to paddle efficiently with a Greenland paddle. We will also review various strokes and maneuvers and demonstrate the benefits of the “skinny stick”.



Our mentors are experienced with the first time through the advanced roller. The standard Greenland roll is an easier and more elegant first roll. Maybe you’re working on a hand roll or a storm roll. We have sessions for all levels.

Ed Rolling Sante Fe River 5-15



Have you ever paddled a skin-on-frame qajaq? Have you ever wet-exited from a SOF or performed a rescue in or on a SOF qajaq? We will have several skin-on frame qajaqs available for the weekend. This session will enable you to practice rescues in your own sea kayak or in one of our SOF qajaqs  in a safe and warm environment.

greenland kayak rescue