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Pre-Event Activities

Traditional Qajaqers of the South (TRAQS) is very pleased and honored to offer its participants and others the opportunity to work with nationally known Greenland artists and instructors for our Pre-Event Greenland activities.

TRAQS extends a warm welcome to Ben Fontenot who is returning for the 5th year to offer a Greenland paddle making workshop (details below).  Ben’s workshops are typically sold-out, so be sure to include this on your early registration!

Thanks to Ben for supporting Traditional Qajaqers of the South and graciously sharing your knowledge, skills and passion with the qajaqing community.

Greenland Paddle Workshop:

Learn how to carve, shape, and finish your own handmade, traditional Greenland paddle.

Benjamin Fontenot, owner of Fortenot Paddles in Minnesota, will be offering a workshop to work with his seasoned expertise to assist you in making your own Greenland paddle designed for you.

Benjamin will walk you though the process of determining your personal specifications for your custom paddle then applying these in crafting your own paddle.

Each workshop participant will leave with a custom made, Greenland paddle.  Each Participant will also leave with the knowledge how to make a Greenland paddle.  Through the use of the Greenland paddle you will discover how these traditionally inspired paddles will increase your kayaking skills and add depth to your kayaking repertoire.

This workshop is limited to six participants and requires a minimum of four participants. You must pre-register for this event.  Register by e-mailing:  info@traditionalqajaqingfest.org or contact Ed Mann for details.