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Special Guests

Mentors and Special Guests

TRAQS is honored and thrilled to offer our attendees the wisdom, skill, and mentoring by outstanding mentors over the years.  This year, we welcome:

Cheri Perry, Greenland Qajaq Instructor

Cheri’s passion is sharing the beauty and simplicity of Greenland Rolling Techniques.  She believes that having a strong foundation allows one to naturally progress to accomplishing the difficult rolls.  She likes to use land exercises to explain the foundation movements allowing participants to have a clear understanding which alleviates fear and prevents confusion.  Her ability to analyse rollers and offer precise critiques make her a sought after instructor.

Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson are partners of Kayak Ways LLC.  She has been teaching Greenland style paddling and rolling worldwide since she competed in the Greenland National Championships in 2004 & 2005.

Liz Johnson, Greenland Qajaq Instructor

Liz truly enjoys helping others build confidence and skills while learning to assess conditions in outdoor environments. She is a Registered Maine Sea Kayak Guide, ACA Instructor, and has British Canoeing and International Sea Kayak Guides Association certifications. Liz has been an instructor and guide with Maine Island Kayak Co on Peaks Island, Maine since 2015.

In 2019, she organized the Maine Greenland Kayak Festival, which emphasized expanding Greenlandic skills in ocean conditions. Liz recently also joined the Kayak Ways team, with Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson.

Bev Cosslett, Greenland Qajaq Instructor

Bev’ accomplishments and certifications are:

ACA State Director, South Carolina
ACA Traditional Skills Endorsed
L4 Coastal Kayaking Instructor
L2 Canoe Instructor
Owner “Charleston Paddles” focused on teaching and paddling adventures

Her passion for kayaking, being outdoors, and sharing knowledge and techniques is boundless.  From kayak surfing, kayak camping, SUP to Traditional skills, Bev has a contagious enthusiasm and dedication to mentor and be a big part of TRAQS.

Pete Hohmann, Greenland Qajaq Instructor

Pete Hohmann is an ACA kayak instructor and British Canoeing coach.   He has merged his experience with FreeStyle canoeing with his passion for Greenland kayaking.  He is also a rolling instructor and enjoys Greenland rolling in his Rebel Illaga kayak.   Pete lives in Cape Coral, Florida, and is active in building the Greenland kayaking community in Southwest Florida.  He is the founder and organizer of Calusa Sea Kayaker Meetup Group.

I taught most of the paddlesports programs for Prince William County Parks and Recreation in Northern Virginia for 7 years, until I moved to Florida in 2019.

Ask me about some of my challenging kayaking trips like the length of the Chesapeake Bay or the tidal whitewater in the Bay of Fundy.

Jim Greenhalgh, Greenland Qajaq Instructor

Jim Greenhalgh is a life member of the United States Power Squadrons/America’s Boating Club and an instructor and USCG approved Vessel Examiner who has taught boating safety and navigation courses for over 30 years. He is a lifelong boater and avid sea kayaker who enjoys helping others to enjoy the sport. He is a past president of Tampa Bay Sea Kayakers and co-founder of KAG – Kayak Adventure Group, a sea kayaking club based on Florida’s west coast. Jim is also the author of Navigation Rules for Paddlecraft.

Ed Mann, Greenland Qajaq Instructor & Organizer

Ed holds an L4 ACA Open Water Instructor Certification and an ACA Traditional Skills Endorsement.  Simply stated, he is a passionate Greenland kayaking devotee.  Before moving to Florida, he was the President of the Jersey Shore Sea Kayak Association, a principal kayak instructor for the Jersey Paddler, and instructor of rolling at the inaugural Garden State Sea Kayak Symposium. He mentors at other Greenlandic events, including the Delmarva Paddlers Retreat, Hudson River Greenland Festival and TIPS. When he’s not teaching, he is usually upside down in his kayak watching Manatees while he rolls.  Visit his Facebook page to learn more about Ed.

Fern White, Greenland Qajaq Instructor

Fern holds an L3 ACA Coastal Instructor Certification and an ACA Traditional Skills Endorsement, Adaptive Paddle and Trip Leader Training Endorsement, and ACA Instructor Certifications for Sit on Top Surfing and Stand Up Paddleboard.  She is passionately enthusiastic about helping others find joy and proficiency.

She has mentored at many Greenlandic events through the country, was an Organizer and Assistant Organizer for two new QajaqUSA events within the last four years.  Fern continues to learn from and assist Champion Traditional mentors at various venues, as well as instruct at events, symposiums, and near her home in Charleston, S.C..  She is fascinated with Greenlandic culture of storytelling, games, and beliefs, and incorporates those in her classes to help keep traditions alive.