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A Big Thank you to all our TRAQS Participants.  We are sharing some of the Comments and Enthusiasm!

TRAQS was my first kayak symposium/event and I've been to several since then and the event you put on still stands out in many ways. I still feel grateful and honored for the award I received last year, particularly because it was clear Len meant a lot to you and your local community. I've done my best to continue to improve and push myself and I hope I've done that award justice beyond just that weekend. Not just in improving my own skill but also in my efforts to help and encourage others on their own rolling journeys. Even now it's amazing to think that when we started that weekend I was actually still a little afraid to roll in open water. Now, I just roll whenever I want, no mask, no nose plugs. Whether I'm there in person or not, TRAQS and you and Len and his legacy will always hold a special place in my memories and in my approach to kayaking and rolling.

I have participated in various major events of this type (Delmarva, HRGF, Sweetwater) and feel that I improved my skills more at TRAQS than any of the others. The mentors were excellent, especially James Manke who is the best rolling instructor I have met yet.

I thoroughly enjoyed the gathering and mentoring. I really enjoyed the auction and camaraderie.

friendly,experienced mentoring has made a lot of enjoyable homework ! Awesome !!!

The event was EXCELLENT (including the paddle making class).

The mentors were excellent and the vibes among the participants was terrific. Looking forward to next year.

Overall a really terrific experience!

It was very informative for me since I am new to the Greenland style kayaking.

Thanks again for all the work you did to make for a very successful weekend. I had a great time, met lots of very nice people, and now have a much better understanding of what to do with my time when I’m upside down in the water in my kayak.

I just wanted to second the comments I made to you on the phone this AM. You really did an incredible job in orchestrating this event and deserve a lot of credit. One of your many significant accomplishments was choosing James (in fact the #1 attribute of a great leader is selecting the right people).

I can’t thank you enough for all the help on my rolls this weekend. I didn’t see a place on your website for posting a testimonial so I am including it below. Feel free to use any or all of it as you see fit on your website or anywhere else.

Thanks again for giving me a true breakthrough in my rolling progression. I really enjoyed meeting you and learning from you.